13 | Coastal Vibes: Design inspirations from Cornwall

We have recently returned from a fabulous holiday to the beautiful St Ives.

We love the atmosphere of Cornwall being so close to the coast, with its pretty white stone buildings, cobbled lanes with an array of individual shops. There is a real laid-back vibe and it really is a home from home now. It’s very inspiring down there and we cannot wait to return there in the summer.

Listed below are a selection of some of our favourite shops and restaurants that we visited along with some great examples of products and art we encountered on our travels.

I Should Coco - St Ives

A chocolate lovers paradise and one of our favourites for a treat during the day! I Should Coco is a small family owned artisan style chocolate house. It not only produces great tasting treats but also offers custom designed edible creations of pretty much whatever a customer would want. We highly recommend taking a look!

© Niko Brown

© Niko Brown

Niko Brown

We absolutely love the fused glassware that Niko designs at her home studio in Truro. Her stunning pieces really capture the feel of the area in their own unique way. You can also take in other examples of her contemporary artwork pieces such as paintings, ceramics , sculpture and prints.

© Porthminster Kitchen

© Porthminster Kitchen

Porthminster Kitchen

The Porthminster Kitchen is a beautifully designed restaurant in St Ives supplying locals and tourists alike with an abundance of delicious Cornish cuisine (we highly recommend the lobster ). It’s party piece is undoubtedly the amazing 180 degree panoramic views across the harbour. A real delight on a sunny day. Great cappuccino too!

© Harbour

© Harbour


The Harbour restaurant is a new trendy place that has a great vibe and is situated literally only metres away from the waters edge. Again if you’re lucky enough to get yourself a window seat you will be treated to fabulous views of the St Ives coastline.

© Cream Cornwall

© Cream Cornwall

Cream Cornwall

Lastly for this months blog, a local business that truly epitomises Cornwall, and we are not just talking about the name! Cream started initially creating hand crafted mugs but soon expanded out to a variety of different homeware objects and artistic pieces - each with the unmistakable identity of the south west….and whats not to love about that!


Do you have a particular area of Cornwall you really enjoy? If so we’d love to hear your recommendations if so!

12 | Designer’s Nottingham: Exploring Our Favourite Spots In The City

One of the perks of being midlands based interior designers is that we have access to so many wonderful cities. In our new ‘designer’s’ series, we plan to explore some of our favourite hotspots within each of our key locales, and to take you along for the journey.

This month, we start with Nottingham – home of Robin Hood, Brian Clough and, for those with a sweet tooth, the aptly named ‘DoughNotts,’ a doughnut shop serving such delicacies as the ‘thicka than a snicker,’ ‘death by chocolate’ and ‘weekend billionaire,’ masterpieces in their own rights. But let us not get carried away with localised snack foods. Instead, let’s take a journey through five of our must visits, should you find yourself away for a weekend in Nottingham…


Mercure Hotel, Nottingham City Centre

We know a chain hotel may not sound like a must visit location, but hear us out. This particular Mercure, located in the popular Lace Market area of the city, is stunningly designed and conveniently placed. With quirky finishing touches, individually styled rooms and an on-site bar complete with a window into Nottingham’s famous caves (yes, the window is in the floor…) this Mercure is not at all what you’d expect from a chain, and we love it.

Interior design guide to Nottingham - flying horse walk.png

Flying Horse Walk

We’re cheating a little here, as it’s not just one shop, bar or restaurant we’re suggesting, but an entire walk. Flying Horse Walk is ‘Nottingham’s boutique retail destination for the discerning shopper,’ and houses such wonders as a local art venue, an independent local artist’s shop, an independent jewellery shop, and a cheese shop. Stood alongside such wonders as designer Vivienne Westwood, Flying Horse Walk is worth an hour of your time, and is a favourite of ours when visiting the city.

Interior design guide to Nottingham - Delilah interior.png


A beautifully designed deli, with it’s own café tucked away upstairs, Delilah is a stunning spot for a fresh cup of coffee and a gourmet lunchtime meal. A wonderful selection of food and drink paired with calming surroundings, Delilah is a great place to meet with friends, get some work done or, quite simply, top up your pantry with something a little different.

Interior design guide to Nottingham - canalhouse room interior.png

Canal House

And, last but not least, a cosy pub with a difference – said difference being that a river flows through the interior. Yes, a real one. Rustically designed and unabashedly comfortable, with enough wood and fairy lights to become reminiscent of an Alps based ski lodge, Canal House is located close to Nottingham railway station, and is a great place for resting your legs before your train arrives.


Tell us, do you have a favourite location in Nottingham? We’d love to hear your recommendations if so!

11 | How To Design Your ‘Man Cave’ Tastefully

In our experience, when decorating the home there is one room in particular that the modern man dreams about, whilst the rest of a property is often – though not always – seen as the female domain. That room is the ‘man cave,’ a space dedicated to all things masculine, be it video games, a home cinema system or smoking cigars in front of an open fireplace (though this fantasy, in particular, is somewhat outdated. Vaping, perhaps, would be more the done thing).

Also outdated, much of the time, is the way a man cave is pictured in the minds eye. Traditionally a grand space of oak panelling, red velvet and intricately weaved rugs, the man cave has lost its shine for many in recent years. But while the notion of a man cave may no longer be as en vogue as it once was, there is no reason to walk away from that masculine space you’ve spent so long thinking about. Which is why we’ve put together our thoughts on designing your man cave with taste in mind, for a truly relaxing experience:


Dark wood

Whilst oak panelling throughout the entire room may no longer be the done thing, dark wood furnishings are still considered tasteful. And depending on the proposed purpose of your own personal man cave, they offer a versatile choice. Planning to write your unfinished novel in the comfort of your own room? Choose a sleek desk. Planning a games room? Store your consoles and games in a dark wood cabinet. The options for introducing this element into your room are endless

Choose grey

The traditional man cave was a rather oppressive stage, in terms of chosen colouring. Crimsons and jade’s were often in play, while lighter colours were kept to other domains. Keep your space modern with stylish grey walls, for a room that is light, bright, and airy whilst offering a relatively blank canvas for the rest of your chosen décor

Opt for soft lighting

We can’t stress this enough, lamps are perfect for a room designed for relaxation, as your man cave should ultimately be. Invest in some beautiful lamps for a soft approach to lighting, that will leave you feeling soothed rather than startled after a long day

Decorate with plants

House plants are not only beautiful, they are also proven to benefit your health. Invest in a few plants of different sizes for an artful approach. Just remember to water them, there’s nothing zen about browning leaves!

And, last but not least, select your artwork carefully

Your artwork should reflect your personality, first and foremost, and can be anything you want it to be. Even if what you want it to be is a vintage Spiderman poster, or a strip from a classic comic. If hung in the right frame, in the right position and accompanied by the right furnishings, any artwork can be tasteful. And any artwork can bring your modern new man cave to life


Tell us, how would you decorate your man cave?

10 | Exploring The Best of 2019’s Interior Design Trends

As we begin our January blog post, we’d like to say Happy New Year to all of our loyal clients, followers and readers, and to express our gratitude to everyone that supported us through 2018 – thank you. For us, here at Chapter Seven Design, 2018 was a fantastic year, with some exciting challenges, and we only hope 2019 is just as good, if not better.

In thinking about what the new year will bring, we’ve spent a bit of time this week exploring the new year’s biggest design trends. Below, we’ve compiled those that most interested us, whilst best aligning with our own vision of great design:


Sustainability & mindful sourcing

With such a recent shift in attitudes throughout all walks of life, we weren’t surprised to see sustainability make the list – and it’s something we’re pleased about. Being sustainable, and making a conscious effort to source pieces mindfully, is so important in interior design, and is something we feel the luxury market is already actively striving for. After all, a luxury design is often one that is well thought out, and made to last.

feminine tones 2019 interior design trends. luxury interior designer in birmingham, nottingham, derby and leicester.jpg

Feminine tones

You don’t have to go all out with the millennial pink, but a more subtle use of feminine tones, when utilised effectively, is definitely en vogue for 2019. Start with colourful flowers, or pops of blush and bronze if unsure on this one, and remember, just because feminine tones are in doesn’t mean you have to follow the trend – if masculine is more to your taste, express yourself in this way. Your space is unique to you, and although we always take note of trends, we would never recommend following one if it doesn’t suit your natural aesthetic!

luxury interior design: birmingham, derby, nottingham and leicester

Maximalist art

We love this trend, as it’s something we already incorporate into our work, and something we want to see more of from other designers. Rather than smart, minimalist drawings and palette’s, this year is all about going bold – offering the perfect way to showcase your personality, no matter how luxurious your space. An example of bold artwork we loved incorporating into one of our own designs can be found here.

Mixed metal accents

It can be rather restrictive to stick to a certain type of metal, especially if you have eclectic taste, or are drawn to several different pieces - all made with different materials - and find yourself torn when choosing. This year, the interior design world wants you to throw caution to the wind, and mix your metals. We can’t wait to get started.

Bold walls

And, last but most definitely not least, a big trend this year is bold walls. So, if you’ve been itching to try a new jewel toned paint, or a fantastical printed wallpaper, now is the time to have fun with your space!


Tell us, what do you think of these trends? Do you see 2019 being an exciting year for interior design?

09 | How To Decorate For Christmas Tastefully

December has arrived, and we at Chapter Seven Design are truly feeling the festive spirit. We love this time of year – stepping out into Christmas markets, greeted by the smell of mulled wine and the sound of excited children takes us to our happy place, and we wouldn’t trade it for anything. There is one small hitch, however, and that is our preference for Christmas decorations. Personally, we tend to lean away from the garishness of traditional décor, preferring to keep our yuletide interiors as classy as our approach January through to November.

But how do we do it? And how can you, too, decorate tastefully for Christmas this year? We’ve compiled some thoughts, to help create the home of your Christmas dreams:

 Choose a colour scheme

A simple tip, yes, but one that is often forgotten at this time of year. In the giddiness of all things green, red and shiny, many don’t even stop to consider that there is another option – but there is! Christmas decorations come in all colours and forms, if you only take the time to seek them out. As such, our advice here is simple – choose a colour scheme, and stick with it. Whether you’ve opted for a favourite shade, or simply matched your baubles to your existing scheme, you’ll notice a huge difference. Trust us, it’s worth the extra time spent sourcing

Choose a signature scent

Nothing says Christmas like a festive scent, so if you do one thing this year to prepare your home for the 25th, let it be finding a signature scent. Undertones of cinnamon work well this time of year, as does anything reminiscent of a favourite cold weather dessert

Decorating tastefully with luxury interior design studio, Chapter Seven Design, covering Derby, Nottingham, Birmingham, Leicester and Beyond. Image from The White Company, Christmas 2018

Create a Christmassy Atmosphere

Along with scent, think about the atmosphere of your home. This time of year is perfect for cosiness, so even if you decide against tinsel and baubles and the usual fa la la la la, you can still turn your home into a Christmas haven with a few small adaptations. Eliminate use of your ceiling light, for example, replacing with well placed lamps and flickering candles. Light the fire, make use of blankets, and ensure your soft furnishings are plush and welcoming. Christmas isn’t all about the tree – it’s about the feeling

Consider The White Company

And, finally, a luxury design staple that exudes taste and festivity – The White Company. If you’ve not had the pleasure, we highly recommend a visit to your local store. With stunning ideas for your Christmas table, beautifully designed Christmas ornaments and a natural feeling of understated elegance, crossed with utter comfort, no-one else compares. We can’t wait to indulge in a visit soon.

Decorating tastefully with luxury interior design studio, Chapter Seven Design, covering Derby, Nottingham, Birmingham, Leicester and Beyond. Image from The White Company, Christmas 2018
Decorating tastefully with luxury interior design studio, Chapter Seven Design, covering Derby, Nottingham, Birmingham, Leicester and Beyond. Image from The White Company, Christmas 2018

Merry Christmas!

All images from The White Company

08 | Preparing Your Home For Winter

Autumn is here which means you may spend more time at home than outside. You’re thinking of evenings by the fire all snuggled up, but how do I get my home ready for winter …

Different textures are a great way to add warmth and don’t have to be expensive. You can change your cushions and go for beautiful fabrics that not only look inviting but feel soft. Velvet is always popular, and wool can create and build layers with your textures and fabrics. Add a rug if you have wooden floors, it’ll not only feel nice underfoot but add depth to your space. If you want to be a different add a bold pattern, Claire Gaudion have a fantastic range of rugs and throws and cushions in beautiful bright colours and patterns.


Coze cashmere throws (first image) are a real treat. They feel luxurious whilst comfy. Bronte (second right) always have a great range of throws, such as herringbone, and browns and creams are timeless classics.


Lighting plays a big part in the autumn. We all have corners which are dark and gloomy, so add some lamps which can add light to those areas and create that lovely warm hue we all love. Use lamps instead of overhead lights, they will add to that feeling of wanting to be warm and cosy.


Change your bedding, if you like white bedding you can keep that but add different fabrics, accessorise. Bedfolk do some beautiful bedding and pick a higher thread count to add to that luxurious feeling. Also add a throw, pick a soft fabric like cashmere and add some cushions, go for a contrast, think of velvet again or wool. Adding texture and layers here will want to make you stay in bed.

07 | Exploring The Birmingham Interior Design Scene

As all interior design lovers will know, September is all about London. Renowned in the interiors community, the London Design Festival is earmarked on every calendar in the industry, and is not to be missed. Events take place all over the city, from Decorex at Syon Park – known to be the best way to discover what’s new and best from all over the world – to London Design Week, at the beautiful Chelsea Harbour.

But just because London is a hub for interiors, doesn’t mean it’s the only place with style. Birmingham has its own take on luxury design, and we’re here to share our favourite spots with you, to help you make the most of what the West Midlands have to offer:

The Workshop Below

Set up in Summer 2013, The Workshop Below was created by three friends with complimentary skills – an artist, an electrician, and a fashionista. Aiming to provide ‘unique, quality products for people who want something a little bit different from the norm’, the brand has gone from strength to strength, and has become a go-to for fans of bespoke, luxury interior design and accessories in the Birmingham area.


Set in The Mailbox, ‘the West Midland’s premier shopping and lifestyle destination,’ Heal’s Birmingham opened in 2017, and is a welcome addition to the Birmingham lifestyle landscape. Showcasing a variety of style, designer and home accessory, Heal’s is the ultimate store for any interior designer or interior design fanatic in Birmingham. We love to spend an afternoon wandering through Heal’s, and recommend a visit to anyone that is yet to explore.

 Grand Designs

And then, of course, there is the Grand Designs Show this October, housed in Birmingham’s NEC arena. The perfect way for the public to discuss interior design with professionals, the Grand Designs Show is filled with ideas, products, and endless inspiration. We highly recommend attending.

Grand Designs Live, Birmingham interior design scene

 These are just three of the hot spots to explore in the West Midlands, and just a small example of what is on offer. Personally, we love this part of the world, and would always say ‘yes!’ when asked if Birmingham is worth visiting, whether or not interior exploration is on the agenda.

We don’t claim to know everything about this great city, however, so please, if there are any Birmingham interior design shops that have drawn your attention, get in touch. We’re always open to ideas.

06 | Spring ...

Step into spring at home

We’re approaching the end of March and the Vernal Equinox has passed - day almost equals night.  The cherry blossom is blossoming and cute, furry animals are waking from their winter slumber.  You’ve guessed it - spring has finally sprung.  Now that we all possess that spring (pun intended) in our step, we can concentrate on shedding our sombre seasonal shades and begin to introduce fresh and revitalising elements into our abode.

Here at Chapter Seven we’re on a fruity vibe …


There are so many shades of yellow from a pale lemon to a bright verbena or canary yellow. This colour will always bring a certain glow to a room and give it an instant lift. Use different fabrics to give texture and depth and accessorise with cushions and flowers.

Images from L-R ... Jim Thompson Fabrics "Marquise" | "Bluebell" armchair in canary pure cotton matt velvet by Sofa.com | Altfield Fabrics "Glant - Lisboa"


Green is very much in-vogue as it’s currently the Pantone colour of the year. An extremely popular choice as this is a flexible colour to use, from a pale mint to a rich teal.  Green also compliments red perfectly, which brings me to …

Images from L-R ... "Brooklyn" sofa in teal by Graham and Green | Mondrian London at Sea Containers by Tom Dixon | "West Palm" by Thibaut


Pink provides a feminine feel to a bedroom and works well with brass or bronze accessories.  This colour will always be charming with a shade of grey. Add some cushions to a bed with a luxurious cashmere throw.  This will make a room feel like a tranquil and calming place.

Images from L-R ... "Vermarette Rose" by Claire Gaudion | Geometric silk weaves by Ora Design | LSA interntional "Polka" glassware

05 | Artwork ...

How choosing the right artwork can make a space blossom.

A great place to look for an artist is on social media. Artists now use these platforms, to display their work. We've found some of the artists we work with by exploring Instagram and it’s an excellent way of bringing their own personal gallery straight to you on your phone or tablet.

Alternatively, you could visit an art gallery, one like Castle Galleries at The Mailbox in Birmingham city centre. They’re always helpful and it's a fun and interesting way to engage with an art expert and the artwork itself.  You begin to appreciate the size and detail of the artwork with your own eyes. So what attracts you to a piece?  It’s a highly personal decision. Is there an emotional attachment to the subject? Is the piece telling you a story? Will the colours and textures compliment the interior?

Here are a few of our favourite artists …

Louise De Weger

Louise is a visual artist and designer from Brisbane, Australia and her work is featured in homes all over the world. She uses bold colours and geometric patterns finished with a frame made from Tasmanian Oak. We have used Louise on a previous project and our client loved her work.  Her Instagram is @louisedewegersrtist


Von is an award winning contemporary portrait and sports illustrator. His work is both monochrome and colour. He absolutely captures the moment of both the human form and animal kingdom and he's also been commissioned to work with numerous global brands. His work has taken him all over the world and we have some of his pieces at home. His Instagram is @hellovon



Arron Bird a.k.a. "Temper" is an artist who predominantly uses spray paint to create his work on canvas. His prolific output extends to photorealistic oil painting (Cover Versions), exploring the human form (A New Day) and public sculpture (The Lovely People). We have used his work on several projects. His new collection "TIME:LESS" launched recently in conjunction with Castle Galleries. It celebrates the fifteen-year anniversary since his seminal “The Good Die Young” works. His Instagram is @artistknownastemper


We do hope our blog today has inspired you.  If you've bought some artwork you'd like to share please email us on j.smith@chaptersevendesign.co.uk as I'd love to hear your thoughts and which artists you like.

04 | Master Bedroom ...

The Brief

The client brief was to create a space that was warm and inviting, where they could retreat to and relax in at the end of the day.  So, how do you turn this ...

... into this?

To begin with, the internal environment of the room was a concern.  It was cold - even with central heating.  The property was built in 1910 and still retained the original solid brick wall construction.  The room was taken back to the bare bones and the three external walls were insulated.

Spatial Planning

We decided to locate the built-in wardrobe on the longest wall to maximise storage capacity.  A new chimney breast was built around the existing one - slightly wider than the bespoke bed which now rests against it.  An alcove was created either side of the chimney breast with mirrored walls above.  New sockets and switches were positioned to suit the new layout.  Power was also supplied to the wardrobe, providing LED lighting with internal sensors.

Colour Palette

A muted palette, with an injection of colour delivered by the walnut furniture and artwork.  Warmth is provided by layering textures – the wool bed, cushions, throws and the "Barefoot Ashtanga" wool carpet, supplied by Alternative Flooring.


All the furniture is bespoke.  The wardrobe, bedside units and sideboard were designed in-house and manufactured/installed by our joinery specialist.  The bed was commissioned locally, the headboard and foot-board are of patchwork design with shallow buttons and framed by polished metal studding.


A wall arm was installed on each alcove mirror to flood the room with light.  The "Retro" light type, supplied by Rothschild and Bickers was first seen as a ceiling pendant and so we liaised with R&B to see if they could manufacture a smaller version as a wall arm.  A ceiling pendant was installed to match.  Below are images which show the lighting bracket which allowed us to fit the wall arm directly onto each mirror.

The table lamp on the sideboard “Verdi” in gold, is from Heathfield Lighting.  The glass base adds yet another texture to the space. 


We commissioned a piece by Louise De Weger, an Australian artist who we initially looked at on Instagram.  Through a series of emails we asked her to incorporate elements of concrete and metallic tones of silver and copper with a splash of colour.  Shipped from Adelaide, the piece arrived within a week.  All hail the power of social media, the jet engine, UK Customs and UPS.


The patchwork wallpaper is by Elitis, called “Natives Movida”, which is manufactured with faux animal hide.  We first saw this in the reception of the Malmaison hotel in Birmingham city centre.  We felt it tied in perfectly with the boutique hotel vibe that we were creating.  It also adds another texture to the room.

Soft Furnishings

Cushions – again are bespoke made from Thibaut fabric.  “Haven Herringbone” and "Nexus” from the “Kaleidoscope” and “Woven 7” collections respectively.  Both geometric patterns, they coordinate with the artwork, the bed and the bed throw.

So there you have it - the finished article.  We loved seeing the end result, but what we loved most was researching a project, collaborating with manufacturers, and finally translating the design that's in my head to a series of drawings so we can communicate our vision to the client.

03 | Reflections ...

Our first blog of the year is a guest blog - by Carole Newman of Shades Interiors.

2016 has drawn to a close and it is now a time of reflection.  In the world of home interiors it has been an exciting and diverse year.  Whilst there has still been a dominance of grey tones in the interiors palette, a kaleidoscope of brighter, bolder colours have also featured.  An example of this is from Warwick Fabrics.

Late into the Autumn, Romo chose to stay with muted tones of grey for its latest collections.

Quintessentially British, the Kelso collection conjures thoughts of a picturesque country retreat and scenic woodland walks.  It offers a modern take on tradition.

Kelso by Romo Fabrics

Kelso by Romo Fabrics

Kelso by Romo Fabrics

Kelso by Romo Fabrics

Focusing on a strong appeal to the senses, Damaris exudes an aura of relaxation and calm.  With an air of understated luxury this collection oozes tranquillity.

Damaris by Romo Fabrics

Damaris by Romo Fabrics

Animal Prints have for centuries been a popular choice for accessorising and 2016 has continued this trend.  Featuring Zebra, Tiger, Cheetah and Giraffe skin, Thibaut's Woven 10 : "Menagerie" is truly luxurious, but also durable.

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  Menagerie by Thibaut

Menagerie by Thibaut

Being at one with nature has also become more and more important.  Within Arte's Monochrome collection they have developed a design inspired by the unique structure of wood.  Nature has its own set of rules.

Now that 2017 is upon us, it’s only a short time away from the unveiling of the first fabric and wallcoverings of the year.  If 2016 was anything to go by, they won't disappoint.  From Shades Interiors, we wish you all a very Happy New Year.

web: www.shadesinteriors.co.uk  |  twitter: @carolenewman|  instagram: @shades_interiors

02 | Winter Trends ...


As we move through the winter months, thinking of a new colour scheme for your home can take your mind off the cold temperatures outside.

Making a statement for 2017 will be navy blue and green (Pantone has just named its next colour of the year as Greenery).  These two colours provide an extravagant element of luxury interior design.  Imagine a glamourous velvet sofa or armchair next to a roaring fire, creating a cosy space that’s warm and vibrant.  The Descartes sofa (www.sofa.com) with its deep tufted and pleated buttons would add a luxurious addition to any indulgent interior.

Descatres sofa | Image couresty of www.sofa.com

Descatres sofa | Image couresty of www.sofa.com

Fixtures, fittings and accessories are of course vitally important when detailing a room, and popular finishes right now are brass and copper.  For lavish lighting with an old school charm in the 21st century, our choice would be the newly crowned Elle Decoration award winners (Best Lighting Design) Bert Frank.  Bert Frank offer a sumptupus selection of lighting using materials such as opal mixed with brass.  Their Masina range in particular caught the eye on our annual visit to Decorex.  They’ve also recently launched a range of furniture.  Is there no end to their talents?

Masina wall light | Image courtesy of Bert Frank.

Masina wall light | Image courtesy of Bert Frank.

Staying with our metallic theme, we’ve cast our beady eye over a stunning range of tiles from Porcelanosa by L'Antic Colonial.  In distinctive geometric shapes, they encompass 3D bronze cubes, aluminium hexagons and aged metal surfaces.  Images below courtesy of Porcelanosa.

Hardwood floors are still as popular as ever and that won't change in 2017.  Established patterns such as chevron parquet and herringbone will be a constant, however more intricate patterns are coming into favour.  Internationally recognosed Element 7 provide an excellent range of engineered wooden flooring to suit all tastes.  It's difficult to select a favourite, but we've plumped for the Mansion Weave as shown below.

Mansion Weave in grey oak | Image courtesy of Element 7 Flooring

Mansion Weave in grey oak | Image courtesy of Element 7 Flooring

We love being part of the interior design process and helping our clients define their dream space.

From Chapter Seven Design, we wish you a very merry Christmas and here’s to an exciting start to 2017!


01 | Welcome to our story ...

We believe interior design should be creative, aspirational and collaborative.  Which is why we’ve launched a blog to share our news and industry updates… and to explain more about the journey we go on from the moment we receive each client brief to the completed commission.

We love seeing the end result, but what we enjoy most is researching a project, problem solving and translating the designs in our heads into a drawing - and then a reality - that exceeds our client’s expectations.

It’s incredibly rewarding knowing you’re adding value to a house.  And by injecting a lot of the client’s personality into the design, it can be so much fun.  It’s fair to say, we love what we do!

In this first blog, it’s all about lighting - a key part of any design and something that has the ability to transform any room.

We were delighted to see one of our projects included in the Heathfield & Co. newsletter recently.  They are a leading designer and manufacturer of lighting and we’ve featured a selection of their lights in a residential project in Hinckley.

For this particular commission, our brief was to turn the living room into an adult space - a place that felt cosy, serene and elegant.

We took the room back to a bare shell and resolved some rising damp issues, before adding mid-height wall panels all around.  To capture that sense of tranquility combined with maturity, we used a dark palette of grey along with American black walnut.  This classic combination allowed the colours from the artwork to lift the room.

In fact, one of our favourite things when we have new commissions is to think about the colour scheme and what furniture will go where in the room.  It’s really exciting starting with a blank canvas and creating a space that really encapsulates a mood or mindset.

For this project, with such a moody palette, lighting was crucial.  This is always one of the most important elements in interior design, creating an ambience and a sense of space.  It can make or break a scheme and needs to be right from the very beginning.

Luckily there are lots of fantastic lighting options available so we’re never short of options for finding that perfect light.  And it obviously helps to stay on top of trends.

Next year, lighting inspired by nature is going to be popular.  And cork is set to be a huge trend in 2017 (yes, really!) so incorporating lighting into that is going to be exciting!

For this project, we used a selection of lighting designs from Heathfield’s Signature Collection including ceiling pendants, wall lights and glass table lamps.  All are classic designs that will look great for many years to come.

To complete the room, we added a mirrored chimney breast to create a feature focal point.

We're happy to report that our client was delighted with the results.  We hope you like the end result as much as we - and our client - did!