01 | Welcome to our story ...

We believe interior design should be creative, aspirational and collaborative.  Which is why we’ve launched a blog to share our news and industry updates… and to explain more about the journey we go on from the moment we receive each client brief to the completed commission.

We love seeing the end result, but what we enjoy most is researching a project, problem solving and translating the designs in our heads into a drawing - and then a reality - that exceeds our client’s expectations.

It’s incredibly rewarding knowing you’re adding value to a house.  And by injecting a lot of the client’s personality into the design, it can be so much fun.  It’s fair to say, we love what we do!

In this first blog, it’s all about lighting - a key part of any design and something that has the ability to transform any room.

We were delighted to see one of our projects included in the Heathfield & Co. newsletter recently.  They are a leading designer and manufacturer of lighting and we’ve featured a selection of their lights in a residential project in Hinckley.

For this particular commission, our brief was to turn the living room into an adult space - a place that felt cosy, serene and elegant.

We took the room back to a bare shell and resolved some rising damp issues, before adding mid-height wall panels all around.  To capture that sense of tranquility combined with maturity, we used a dark palette of grey along with American black walnut.  This classic combination allowed the colours from the artwork to lift the room.

In fact, one of our favourite things when we have new commissions is to think about the colour scheme and what furniture will go where in the room.  It’s really exciting starting with a blank canvas and creating a space that really encapsulates a mood or mindset.

For this project, with such a moody palette, lighting was crucial.  This is always one of the most important elements in interior design, creating an ambience and a sense of space.  It can make or break a scheme and needs to be right from the very beginning.

Luckily there are lots of fantastic lighting options available so we’re never short of options for finding that perfect light.  And it obviously helps to stay on top of trends.

Next year, lighting inspired by nature is going to be popular.  And cork is set to be a huge trend in 2017 (yes, really!) so incorporating lighting into that is going to be exciting!

For this project, we used a selection of lighting designs from Heathfield’s Signature Collection including ceiling pendants, wall lights and glass table lamps.  All are classic designs that will look great for many years to come.

To complete the room, we added a mirrored chimney breast to create a feature focal point.

We're happy to report that our client was delighted with the results.  We hope you like the end result as much as we - and our client - did!