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How choosing the right artwork can make a space blossom.

A great place to look for an artist is on social media. Artists now use these platforms, to display their work. We've found some of the artists we work with by exploring Instagram and it’s an excellent way of bringing their own personal gallery straight to you on your phone or tablet.

Alternatively, you could visit an art gallery, one like Castle Galleries at The Mailbox in Birmingham city centre. They’re always helpful and it's a fun and interesting way to engage with an art expert and the artwork itself.  You begin to appreciate the size and detail of the artwork with your own eyes. So what attracts you to a piece?  It’s a highly personal decision. Is there an emotional attachment to the subject? Is the piece telling you a story? Will the colours and textures compliment the interior?

Here are a few of our favourite artists …

Louise De Weger

Louise is a visual artist and designer from Brisbane, Australia and her work is featured in homes all over the world. She uses bold colours and geometric patterns finished with a frame made from Tasmanian Oak. We have used Louise on a previous project and our client loved her work.  Her Instagram is @louisedewegersrtist


Von is an award winning contemporary portrait and sports illustrator. His work is both monochrome and colour. He absolutely captures the moment of both the human form and animal kingdom and he's also been commissioned to work with numerous global brands. His work has taken him all over the world and we have some of his pieces at home. His Instagram is @hellovon



Arron Bird a.k.a. "Temper" is an artist who predominantly uses spray paint to create his work on canvas. His prolific output extends to photorealistic oil painting (Cover Versions), exploring the human form (A New Day) and public sculpture (The Lovely People). We have used his work on several projects. His new collection "TIME:LESS" launched recently in conjunction with Castle Galleries. It celebrates the fifteen-year anniversary since his seminal “The Good Die Young” works. His Instagram is @artistknownastemper


We do hope our blog today has inspired you.  If you've bought some artwork you'd like to share please email us on j.smith@chaptersevendesign.co.uk as I'd love to hear your thoughts and which artists you like.

Andrew Smith