10 | Exploring The Best of 2019’s Interior Design Trends

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As we begin our January blog post, we’d like to say Happy New Year to all of our loyal clients, followers and readers, and to express our gratitude to everyone that supported us through 2018 – thank you. For us, here at Chapter Seven Design, 2018 was a fantastic year, with some exciting challenges, and we only hope 2019 is just as good, if not better.

In thinking about what the new year will bring, we’ve spent a bit of time this week exploring the new year’s biggest design trends. Below, we’ve compiled those that most interested us, whilst best aligning with our own vision of great design:


Sustainability & mindful sourcing

With such a recent shift in attitudes throughout all walks of life, we weren’t surprised to see sustainability make the list – and it’s something we’re pleased about. Being sustainable, and making a conscious effort to source pieces mindfully, is so important in interior design, and is something we feel the luxury market is already actively striving for. After all, a luxury design is often one that is well thought out, and made to last.

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Feminine tones

You don’t have to go all out with the millennial pink, but a more subtle use of feminine tones, when utilised effectively, is definitely en vogue for 2019. Start with colourful flowers, or pops of blush and bronze if unsure on this one, and remember, just because feminine tones are in doesn’t mean you have to follow the trend – if masculine is more to your taste, express yourself in this way. Your space is unique to you, and although we always take note of trends, we would never recommend following one if it doesn’t suit your natural aesthetic!

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Maximalist art

We love this trend, as it’s something we already incorporate into our work, and something we want to see more of from other designers. Rather than smart, minimalist drawings and palette’s, this year is all about going bold – offering the perfect way to showcase your personality, no matter how luxurious your space. An example of bold artwork we loved incorporating into one of our own designs can be found here.

Mixed metal accents

It can be rather restrictive to stick to a certain type of metal, especially if you have eclectic taste, or are drawn to several different pieces - all made with different materials - and find yourself torn when choosing. This year, the interior design world wants you to throw caution to the wind, and mix your metals. We can’t wait to get started.

Bold walls

And, last but most definitely not least, a big trend this year is bold walls. So, if you’ve been itching to try a new jewel toned paint, or a fantastical printed wallpaper, now is the time to have fun with your space!


Tell us, what do you think of these trends? Do you see 2019 being an exciting year for interior design?