11 | How To Design Your ‘Man Cave’ Tastefully

In our experience, when decorating the home there is one room in particular that the modern man dreams about, whilst the rest of a property is often – though not always – seen as the female domain. That room is the ‘man cave,’ a space dedicated to all things masculine, be it video games, a home cinema system or smoking cigars in front of an open fireplace (though this fantasy, in particular, is somewhat outdated. Vaping, perhaps, would be more the done thing).

Also outdated, much of the time, is the way a man cave is pictured in the minds eye. Traditionally a grand space of oak panelling, red velvet and intricately weaved rugs, the man cave has lost its shine for many in recent years. But while the notion of a man cave may no longer be as en vogue as it once was, there is no reason to walk away from that masculine space you’ve spent so long thinking about. Which is why we’ve put together our thoughts on designing your man cave with taste in mind, for a truly relaxing experience:


Dark wood

Whilst oak panelling throughout the entire room may no longer be the done thing, dark wood furnishings are still considered tasteful. And depending on the proposed purpose of your own personal man cave, they offer a versatile choice. Planning to write your unfinished novel in the comfort of your own room? Choose a sleek desk. Planning a games room? Store your consoles and games in a dark wood cabinet. The options for introducing this element into your room are endless

Choose grey

The traditional man cave was a rather oppressive stage, in terms of chosen colouring. Crimsons and jade’s were often in play, while lighter colours were kept to other domains. Keep your space modern with stylish grey walls, for a room that is light, bright, and airy whilst offering a relatively blank canvas for the rest of your chosen décor

Opt for soft lighting

We can’t stress this enough, lamps are perfect for a room designed for relaxation, as your man cave should ultimately be. Invest in some beautiful lamps for a soft approach to lighting, that will leave you feeling soothed rather than startled after a long day

Decorate with plants

House plants are not only beautiful, they are also proven to benefit your health. Invest in a few plants of different sizes for an artful approach. Just remember to water them, there’s nothing zen about browning leaves!

And, last but not least, select your artwork carefully

Your artwork should reflect your personality, first and foremost, and can be anything you want it to be. Even if what you want it to be is a vintage Spiderman poster, or a strip from a classic comic. If hung in the right frame, in the right position and accompanied by the right furnishings, any artwork can be tasteful. And any artwork can bring your modern new man cave to life


Tell us, how would you decorate your man cave?