12 | Designer’s Nottingham: Exploring Our Favourite Spots In The City

One of the perks of being midlands based interior designers is that we have access to so many wonderful cities. In our new ‘designer’s’ series, we plan to explore some of our favourite hotspots within each of our key locales, and to take you along for the journey.

This month, we start with Nottingham – home of Robin Hood, Brian Clough and, for those with a sweet tooth, the aptly named ‘DoughNotts,’ a doughnut shop serving such delicacies as the ‘thicka than a snicker,’ ‘death by chocolate’ and ‘weekend billionaire,’ masterpieces in their own rights. But let us not get carried away with localised snack foods. Instead, let’s take a journey through five of our must visits, should you find yourself away for a weekend in Nottingham…

Interior design guide to Nottingham - mercure hotel lace market room interior.jpg

Mercure Hotel, Nottingham City Centre

We know a chain hotel may not sound like a must visit location, but hear us out. This particular Mercure, located in the popular Lace Market area of the city, is stunningly designed and conveniently placed. With quirky finishing touches, individually styled rooms and an on-site bar complete with a window into Nottingham’s famous caves (yes, the window is in the floor…) this Mercure is not at all what you’d expect from a chain, and we love it.

Interior design guide to Nottingham - boilermaker bar room interior.png


In a space that tells a multitude of design stories – especially of the Moroccan persuasion – Boilermaker is a hidden highlight in the Nottingham landscape. Found behind what looks to be a bathroom in an otherwise empty shop front, Boilermaker is a haven for design lead cocktail lovers that like to be in on the secret.  

Interior design guide to Nottingham - flying horse walk.png

Flying Horse Walk

We’re cheating a little here, as it’s not just one shop, bar or restaurant we’re suggesting, but an entire walk. Flying Horse Walk is ‘Nottingham’s boutique retail destination for the discerning shopper,’ and houses such wonders as a local art venue, an independent local artist’s shop, an independent jewellery shop, and a cheese shop. Stood alongside such wonders as designer Vivienne Westwood, Flying Horse Walk is worth an hour of your time, and is a favourite of ours when visiting the city.

Interior design guide to Nottingham - Delilah interior.png


A beautifully designed deli, with it’s own café tucked away upstairs, Delilah is a stunning spot for a fresh cup of coffee and a gourmet lunchtime meal. A wonderful selection of food and drink paired with calming surroundings, Delilah is a great place to meet with friends, get some work done or, quite simply, top up your pantry with something a little different.

Interior design guide to Nottingham - canalhouse room interior.png

Canal House

And, last but not least, a cosy pub with a difference – said difference being that a river flows through the interior. Yes, a real one. Rustically designed and unabashedly comfortable, with enough wood and fairy lights to become reminiscent of an Alps based ski lodge, Canal House is located close to Nottingham railway station, and is a great place for resting your legs before your train arrives.


Tell us, do you have a favourite location in Nottingham? We’d love to hear your recommendations if so!