Chapter Seven Design

How We Work

How We Work

Above all, we're totally adaptable and will always shape our services and workflows to match the particular needs of our clients.

From the first consultation we'll assist you in developing your scope of work, supporting you through the web of important scheme decisions and selections at every phase.  This can encompass spatial planning, furniture design, joinery, artwork, fabrics, lighting, accessories and audio / visual requirements.

We recognise that interior design is an investment; not just financially - but emotionally too.  Rest assured we'll support you every step of the design process, from project concept to conclusion.

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Some of our clients depend on us for a full interior design service, covering all aspects of a construction, renovation or refurbishment project.  Others may choose to work with us on particular aspects of interior design, drawn by our strengths in areas such as spatial planning, architectural detailing and CAD modelling.

What brings our clients together is a deep appreciation of interiors that are designed, delivered and supported by professionals who have client satisfaction as their only priority.  We provide a single point of contact for all design matters, so clients never get shuffled from person to person, and we are always approachable and available.

On a technical note, we ensure that not only do we offer the right skills and qualifications, but that we have access to the best resources, including the latest software programs to support computer aided drafting, 3D modelling and visualisation.