Chapter Seven Design

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

To help our clients in every way possible, bringing together first class interior design capabilities and hard work to every project, no matter its size or complexity.

Our Values


Every client needs to know that we can be trusted to go that extra mile.  Business relationships take time to develop and a short time to lose.  Our outlook is long term relations over short term profits.


By adopting a “lessons learned” approach we’re able to use our past experiences to deliver an exemplary service to our clients.  Being inventive enables us to implement real benefits to clients in terms of costs and performance.



We love the smell of teamwork in the morning.  We don’t know everything - by working with you we’ll ensure that every project runs on time and within budget.  Interior design should be a fun and exciting time, so with that in mind, we encourage and embrace as much collaboration as the client wishes.


We’re passionate about our work and proud of the huge contribution that the very best interior design can make to creating spaces where people enjoy living and working.