Houghton on the Hill

Living Room

– Houghton on the Hill, Leicestershire.

‘A room of two halves’

A client with a desire to make full use of their space, in terms of design as well as practicality, is always a delight to work with. And we were thrilled to find this was exactly the case with our latest client, when transforming their Houghton on the Hill home.

Starting with a room that had - as many living areas do - a TV as a focal point, we decided to transform the space into a family friendly haven with a stylish edge and a distinct style. To do so, we split the room into two, with one area - with its stunning bespoke sofa - reserved for relaxation and TV time, and the second as a space to enjoy a moment of quiet by the fire, perhaps with a good book.

Taking the client’s personal taste into consideration, we began by gutting the space entirely, and starting fresh. Layering materials with a herringbone floor and teal accents, we transformed the space into a sophisticated haven, complete with feature fireplace, armchairs reupholstered in velvet, and a false wall with built in, bespoke storage for a practical edge in an otherwise luxury driven interior. 

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Hinckley I

Living Room

– Hinckley, Leicestershire.

‘An oasis of calm in a busy home’

Sometimes in a family home, all of your space becomes swallowed by stuff, especially if you have young children. When our client approached us about creating a ‘child free space,’ then, we knew exactly what needed to be done.

Approaching the living room through the lens of a busy parent, we wanted to create something soothing, tranquil and grown up, perfect for relaxing at the end of a long day. Incorporating colourful artwork allowed us that opportunity, whilst showcasing the personality of the client.

Taking the room back to the brickwork, we re-wired and insulated for a cosy feel. Replacing the rotten entryway with elegant French doors added instant glamour in an understated fashion, elevated by beautiful walnut flooring and a modern working fireplace, in a surround of muted tones.

Sourcing the furniture, designing the lighting and working with tradesmen, we co-ordinated the project end to end, and our client was thrilled with the result, as were we – knowing the owner has a snug to return to once the kids are in bed fills us with joy, and the pride of a job well done.

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Hinckley II


– Hinckley, Leicestershire.

‘A reading nook to lay your hat’.

Making use of additional space in an existing home is a beautiful thing. While some will walk past an unused area day after day without a second thought, our client had other ideas - to use their large hallway as an extra room.

With natural lighting and ample space, the area had a lot of potential. Beginning with the removal of an old beam that had previously blocked a window, we matched new panels to original details, restoring the heritage of the home. Further highlighting the history of the house, we had French polishers restore the original Herringbone parquet flooring, for a truly beautiful finish.

Adorning the walls with paper from America, and artwork personal to the owner, we finished the room with subtle lighting, comfortable – yet stunning – chairs, and side tables, for a cosy reading snug with an identity all of its own.

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Hinckley III

Master Bedroom

– Hinckley, Leicestershire.

‘A warm and inviting retreat with a boutique hotel vibe’.

The terrible part of visiting a luxurious boutique hotel is having to leave it behind. This client, a lover of life’s finer things, found the solution – to design their bedroom as if it were a hotel.

First taking the room back to the bricks, we added insulation, re-wired the space and installed new woodwork. Closely mirroring the boutique vibe requested of us, we made the decision to expand the chimney breast, resulting in a defined space for the bed, and deep alcoves for accessories and personal trinkets.

With made to measure, handmade American walnut wardrobes, dark wallpaper and white details, the master bedroom was transformed, giving he client the exact vibe they were looking for. Relaxed and opulent, the new interior left the clients stunned, and ready to holiday in their own home.

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Woodhouse Eaves

Garden Terrace

– Woodhouse Eaves, Leicestershire

‘A taste of The Med’

As interior designers, it’s rare we get the chance to work outdoors. When we do, however, we jump at the opportunity – especially if the forecast is sunny. this (location) garden, we were tasked with turning a tired, disused space into a refined terrace, perfect for entertaining.

Beginning with a lengthy removal job, we set about disposing of ageing decking, bushes, deep roots and tired old fencing. Evening the space, we chose eye-catching Scandinavian fencing, stunning brick effect granite paving and topiary hedges.

Lights installed with timers accompanied new garden furniture, bespoke cushions and reupholstered sofa sections. Newly modernised and framed in sunlight, the clients were thrilled with the result, and now spend every opportunity outdoors.

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– Anstey, Leicestershire

‘Clean lines in a modern setting’

A dream kitchen is often a large kitchen, especially for the novice chef. When food is your passion, there’s nothing better than experimenting with recipes in a beautiful setting. And even if cooking isn’t your thing, a stunning space is hard to beat. This client, based in Anstey, wanted to transform their kitchen into a modern interior, minimalistic yet sleek and luxurious.

The task was an enjoyable one. With such an abundance of natural lighting, the space held a lot of potential, and we were excited to help it meet expectations. Deciding on a bright colour palette in shades of white and chrome, we chose white gloss units and pale flooring, amplifying the light through the use of reflective surfaces.

Old patio doors were replaced with stylish new ones, while a modern island – complete with powerful extractor fan – completed the newly re-wired space. The result was a bright, airy kitchen, adored by its owners, perfect for intimate dining and parties alike.

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